The conference will be held at the amphitheater of the Collège Doctoral Européen (46 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg). It is located in the campus area, east of Strasbourg, at around 15 minutes walking from the city center. Buses and trams frequently stop in front of the building (station Observatoire). The Collège Doctoral Européen is located just in front of the Astronomical Observatory of Strasbourg.

To reach Strasbourg (city center):


From Strasbourg airport (called Entzheim Aéroport) the city center is reachable in 10 minutes by train. Once you arrive at the airport, go to the train platform outside the airport hall and purchase a train ticket at the machines. The train ticket should cost around 2.60 euros. Validate the ticket before entering the train (there should be machines for validating the ticket close to the vending machine). The trains run until 10pm, afterwards there will be buses and taxis.

Train/bus station

The main train station is situated in Strasbourg itself. International buses will also arrive close to the train station or at Place de l'Etoile. From both locations you can easily reach any location in the city of Strasbourg by bus, tram or walking.

To reach the conference venue:


The easiest way to reach the Collège Doctoral Europée is to take the tram C, E or F to the station "Observatoire". Tickets must be bought at the machines close to the tram plateform and validated before entering the tram. Trams are efficient but may be crowded with students. At this time of the year controls are frequent, so don't forget to buy and validate your tickets. A tram/bus ticket costs 1.80 euros and is valid for a one-way journey with transfer.


There is a big bus stop very close to the conference venue named "Observatoire". You can use the bus number 2 or 15 to reach your destination. The bus ticket is the same as the tram ticket, you can buy it inside the bus (ask the driver) but it is less expensive to buy tickets at the machines at tram stations. You have to validate your bus/tram ticket inside and every time you transfer. A bus/tram ticket costs 1.80 euros (2.00 euros inside the bus) and is valid for a one-way journey with transfer.


There are large boulevards that lead to the conference venue, with pedestrian walks in the center and almost no cars. It is a pleasant walk from the city center. About 15-25 minutes from most of the hotels listed on this website.